The goal of Humane Education is to increase compassion and empathy for all living things.  Advocates have promoted Humane Education for over a hundred years, but recent scientific research has proven through MRI studies that animals have much more complex emotional and intellectual lives than previously understood.  It has been shown, for instance, that dogs have very similar emotional and intellectual reactions to love, joy, fear, and rewards as human toddlers.

To further deepen our community’s understanding of these amazing beings in our midst, the Palm Springs Animal Shelter offers presentations and lectures on a variety of innovative topics of interest to animal lovers. Please contact to schedule a presentation for your class, group or HOA.

Planning Ahead: Your Pet’s Future Without You (Adults)

Did you know if you are taken from your home by emergency personnel, and if there’s no one else living in your home capable of caring for your pets, Animal Control is required to take your pets to an animal shelter.  A notation in your will is not enough to prevent your beloved pet from ending up in an animal shelter if something unexpected happens to you.  In this informative presentation, you will learn simple, free steps you can take today to ensure your pet stays in a loving home if you are unable to care for them either temporarily or permanently. (30 – 45 minutes)

Bite Prevention (Children)

Over 50% of all dog bites treated in Emergency Rooms are children, and far too many of those injuries involve facial lacerations. The Palm Springs Animal Shelter is committed to reducing these numbers by providing a fun, interactive presentation for children.  Research shows that children who feel compassion for animals are less likely to be injured by them. In this presentation we introduce role playing games that can help children to understand that dogs have feelings similar to their own, and can become annoyed or angry when provoked or hurt. (30 minutes)

Smarter Than You Think: Is Your Dog A Secret Genius? (Adults, Teens)

Have you ever had the feeling that your dogs are smarter than you give them credit for?  Well, you’re right! Recent scientific studies have proven that most dogs have an intelligence and emotional depth similar to human toddlers.  In this presentation we look at how new research can radically change our relationships with the dogs in our lives. (30 minutes)

Dog Body Language: The Other Half of the Conversation (Adults, Teens)

Dogs have a rich social life with nuanced communication techniques that help them get along and understand one another.  If you expect your dog to understand you, but you aren’t making an effort to understand them, you’re missing half the conversation.  Learn how to read your dog’s body language to create a deeper, more satisfying relationship for both you and your pet. Identify and ease fear and anxiety before it becomes unwanted behavior, and greet dogs on their own terms. (30 minutes)

Trap-Neuter-Return: The Key to Community Cat Management (Adults)

Free-roaming cats in our communities can quickly reproduce if left intact and unmanaged. A well-planned Trap-Neuter-Return strategy combined with a Colony Feeding Program can humanely limit growth and minimize issues that can come with unmanaged cat colonies. TNR programs are successfully used around the world to manage colony growth in a humane way, yet these programs can be misunderstood by those not familiar with the philosophy and implementation.  If you are interested in developing a TNR program in your community or neighborhood, the Palm Springs Animal Shelter would be happy to schedule a presentation and question-and-answer session to assist in your decision-making process, or to help you develop a strategy if you are ready to move forward with a TNR program. (1 hour)