They come to our shelter from a variety of untenable circumstances:  born feral, abandoned by owners, hoarder cases, regressive city ordinances and unsafe environments to include inhospitable neighbors. One major trait they have is they are un-socialized–having an innate fear of humans.  This fear renders them not suitable for regular adoption consideration.  We try to make their stay at the shelter reflect their outdoor living past by providing a safe, comfortable Catio habitat to lessen their stress, but it is not a long-term solution for these cats.


From time immemorial, cats have been referred to as “ratters” or “mousers” and have been prized for their ability to control the rodent population in both rural and urban settings. This innate ability is now these cats saving grace.

Our Garden Cats Program has been designed to allow these cats to barter this skill for room and board under the supervision of an understanding caregiver on ranches, farms, wineries, agricultural operations, warehouses of all types as well as neighborhood backyards. The benefit of this program to the shelter is that we can put into action our philosophy that ALL cats, regardless of their past situations, deserve the chance to live their best life. Our Program allows us to place these cats in a mutually beneficial environment. The adopter gets 24/7 natural pest control and the cats get food, water, shelter and safety.

In order to ensure a good fit between adopters and the cats, we have a thought out process that enhances the potential for success. This process starts with an adopter application followed by an on-site grounds inspection and finally a contractual agreement that outlines steps to ensure a successful outcome.

The cats are assigned in sets of two or more. This ensures a better chance of adjustment to their new environment. The adopter gets cats that have been spayed/neutered, vaccinated, treated from parasites and diseases if present, microchipped and ear-tipped.


If you have a business or living situation that could benefit from having one of our working cats on your property, please contact us at:

*Important Update*: We are not currently placing GardenCats in the High Desert region due to severe predation from coyotes and large owls. This policy includes Morongo Valley, Yucca Valley, Flamingo Heights, Joshua Tree and Twentynine Palms. We appreciate your interest in our GardenCats program, but when relocating cats we must first ensure there is a strong chance of survivability for the animals.